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Re-love Your Furniture

Commercial - such as bars, night clubs, restaurants, food courts and offices

Domestic - your furniture inside your home, change of colour, repaired, restyled, Outside garden furniture (summer ready)

Retail - Come down to see us through the Big Red Doors

Many generations have enjoyed quality made furniture that was built to last. The cost of purchasing it new had quite an impact on families so generally we had furniture that was handed down generation to generation. The memories of these pieces can stick in our minds and become part of our own history.


Over the years events happen and even general wear and tear can have an effect on that furniture but you don't have to give up on it.


Allura Furnishings can preserve those memories and that furniture, so that you can continue to enjoy it.

It can restored and last form many years to come. With ever increasing environmental awareness, much is thrown away that can be restored and last for many more years. You would be amazed at what can be done, why not give us a call at Allura Furnishings and ask us, the experts.

The Process

  • Contact Allura Nature’s Spirit Ltd with your request

  • We make an assessment of your item

  • We give a non-obligating quote for the work. This will include price and time frame.

  • If you agree we will collect the item (or feel free to drop off and visit us)

  • We complete the work and return your treasured item.

All our work is guaranteed.


To minimise the deterioration (preservation) of the furniture as it currently exists (stabilisation).


Furniture restoration can be an arduous process with the goal being to return the item to its total and complete authenticity.


From heavy damage to light blemishes. To put furniture or treasured items back into good condition.


Need a change?

A recolour can change the look of furniture, after all we decorate our house for the same reason.


Why stop at colour? Many items can be repurposed. We have changed writing bureaus into wash stands, bookcases into coat stands, cabinets into drinks and cocktail units.

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