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Antique English Advertising Mustard Jar

Antique English Advertising Mustard Jar

SKU: 147
Mint condition vintage Colman’s Mustard Lord Nelson pottery jar with a beautiful transfer. Colman’s has been making mustard for over 200 years. It was founded by Jeremiah Colman, a flour miller, in 1814 at Stoke Holy Cross, near Norwich. In 1823, Jeremiah and his adopted nephew James established J&J Colman. In 1858, Jeremiah Colman’s great nephew, Jeremiah James Colman, established the production factory in Norwich. The Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum was originally opened in 1973 to commemorate 150 years of J&J Colman’s making mustard. It moved from Bridewell Alley into the Royal Arcade in 1999. Dimensions Measures Approximately 12.5cm tall x 6cm diameter:Please ask for details  for  postage 
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